Terroir’s Reign


"While wandering the aisles of a Lithuanian supermarket recently…"

If you aren’t willing to at least investigate a wine blog that begins a post like this then you really shouldn’t be in the business of open minded wine inquiry.

It has been a while since I recommended a new wine blog. But Reign of Terroir, written by three highly educated wine lovers and educators, is well worth a recommendation if only for the intellectually rigor and thoughtfulness they put into their posts.

To-date, those posts are not many. ROT was begun late last years so it’s just notw gaining speed. An early post identifies their purpose with the blog: "we will provide a wide variety of commentary on all things vinous. From
International Terroirs and Travel to local Vineyards and Wineries, from
Tasting Notes to Restaurant and Book Reviews, and much more, we will do
our best to provide sober and useful information on the World of Wine."

And so they do. In fact the writers of this wine blog range widely in their interest. I was personally and finally taken with the blog upon reading a fairly long post about the royal history of the Bordeaux region that went on for five very long paragraph before wine or vines was ever mentioned. What impressed me was, as always, really good, entertaining context.

Reign of Terroir also includes a recent post on what is one of my favorite topics to consider on many levels: Terroir. This post, which includes in its title the mind whetting "Part 1", explores the various ways the idea of Terroir has been defined. Not an uncommon topic, but in the hands of a Reign of Terroir writer we find very insightful offerings and the lure of more to come. Outstanding.

Of course as I’m want to be, I find myself disappointed that more is not being written at ROT. It’s the 16th of January and but 4 posts have been posted this year. That’s not enough to satisfy me and my curiosity with this blog. Perhaps they’ll step it up.

That said, I very much like this new wine blog. It has an intellectual rigor to it that is not common enough on blogs, yet each of the three contributors also writes with great style. The subjects of the posts are varied, yet always brought back to the point: what can we know and how can we better enjoy wine.


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