2008 American Wine Blog Awards Update

As I type, a set of judges are culling through the various nominations for American Wine Blog Awards that came in eight different categories.

They are assessing each nominated blog based on the criteria set out. They will each identify their top blogs in that category and from those selections we will find our four finalists in each category.

Once we have each of the finalists, the voting will be thrown open to the public. You will be able to vote for one finalist in each category. The vote of the public will count toward 70% of the final determination of the winners. The determination of the Judges, who will also each be voting on the finalists, will count toward 30% of the final determination of the ultimate winners.

When will the finalists be chosen and when will voting begin? My hope is that this will occur toward the end of next week.

That’s where we are. At this very moment a panel of judges are keenly looking over each and ever nomination.

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  1. Julia - August 7, 2008

    Nice site – it took me while, though, to find where the meat of the info is. The main page view is cluterred with ads. Maybe you could add a part of the page that describes the content. Otherwise it seems at first that there’s none, and all the site is – is a hub for ads.
    Will keep exploring, will provide feedback as I go along. Would appreciate your feedback on my site as well. winery-explorer.com that is. Thanks in advance.

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