Color and Aroma

Another new wine magazine has emerged of late and like the last new magazine I alerted you to, this one is also somewhat niche in nature.

Color and Aroma magazine is a very well designed, attractive publication that seeks to serve the CA wine drinker and wine lover. The aColorandaromamagctual design reminds me of "Simple" magazine, but with more color and more drama. Being focused on the Southern
California region it is no surprise that the first issue (it’s published 6 times per year) digs into the Paso Robles wine region, spotlights Castoro Cellars, review a Southern California restaurant and a Southern California-based wine group. The advertising too gives away Color and Aroma’s regional focus.

I wouldn’t want to give anyone the idea that they need to live in Southern California to appreciate Color and Aroma. The writing is excellent. Any wine lover will appreciate the articles. The general articles offer inspiration and information for wine lovers no matter where they reside.

You hate to see a magazine launch without good advertising support. Color and Aroma appears to have this kind of support. My hope is that they can find a core of subscribers and good distribution that will allow them to continue to create a very nice publication by providing a good sized base of readers.

You can learn more about Color and Aroma HERE.

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  1. Wine Bloke - April 17, 2008

    It must be really difficult to get off the ground as a magazine – particularly in our industry. If this one’s as good as you say, it should do OK. Will definitely try to get hold of a copy some time – you can never read too much on wine IMO!

  2. Jack at Fork & Bottle - April 17, 2008

    If it was truly “The Wine Magazine For Everyone”, it would cover the world’s wines, not just California. Still, I like the publication’s name.

  3. Ray Wyman Jr - April 18, 2008

    Hi. Thanks for all the kudos. I’m the editor for the magazine and we worked very hard on the first issue; working as hard (or harder) oh the second one. Just to correct one misconception – we’re only in So Cal at present because we couldn’t afford to do a larger circulation on our first night in the town. Eventually we hope to be everywhere. But for now, California is a pretty cool place to start. Next issue (May/June) focuses on Napa. July/Aug we dive into Sonoma – might introduce a little surprise by then. Thanks again for the kind words!

  4. Erwin Dink - April 18, 2008

    Too bad they don’t seem to be interested in sharing subscriber information on their web site. I guess the niche they’re serving is pretty exclusive.

  5. andrew Lerner - May 13, 2008

    I love the magazine. It is very well written
    Andrew Lerner
    Dark Horse Wine

  6. Jennifer Barlow - May 19, 2008

    I think Color and Aroma is a great magazine. You all are doing a fantastic job with the development of the magazine.
    I am definately looking forward to the next issue and so are my friends.

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