After Great Prodding

I was hesitant to do this. But after great prodding I decided to. It seemed fun.

As I’ve mentioned before, you won’t find this sort of thing happening at FERMENTATION. But I can do it occasionally at other venues, including Wine Spies.

Damn nice wine, too. This particular wine had my most favorite characteristic in bigger reds: Licorice flavors. I’m a big fan of anisette also. I’m not sure what draws me to this particular characteristic but I do tend to look for it in wines. I’ll find it most often in Cabs and Syrah.

If you buy or try this wine, do let me know if you detect that same flavor.

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  1. Lizzy - April 20, 2008

    Tom, don’t you think that licorice flavor is a characteristic of ALL important red wines?
    All important red wines aged in oak, I mean…especially in barrique!

  2. Tom Wark - April 20, 2008

    Important? Not sure about that. But I don’t always find it in wines aged in oak.

  3. Agent Red - April 21, 2008

    Agent Provocateur, Thanks again for your review! Our Operatives really enjoyed it and, hopefully, you gained some new readers as a result.

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