Visual Confirmation Of What We Know About Wine Distribution

We live in an age when watching and listening seems to be the preferred mode of learning, accumulating information and gathering input on nearly every subject under the sun. Under our sun, and often discussed in this forum, is the question of the three-tier system of alcohol distribution. Many words, and the occasional picture, have been spent discussing how, why, where , when and to what affect alcohol is distributed to Americans. It's time to put images and sound to those words.

On December 5th, the anniversary of Repeal of Prohibition, the Cato Institute brought together a collection of scholars to discuss the onset of Prohibition, the end of Prohibition, the impact of the creation of the Three Tier system, how direct shipment of wine has impacted the three tier system and neo-prohibitionism in the 21st century
And they filmed it.

The scholars brought together for this symposium  is impressive, including Asheesh Agarwal, who worked at the Federal Trade Commission when it undertook to investigate direct shipment of wine. In addition there was speaking Glen Whitman, an associate professor of economics at Cal State Northridge and the author of "Strange Brew: Alcohol & Government Monopoly."

Anyone interested in a scholarly presentation on the background, history, state of and effect of the Three Tier System of Alcohol Distribution should Click the Photo above, sit back with a glass of wine and watch this program of speakers.


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  1. Thomas Pellechia - January 7, 2009

    Would have liked to, but obviously the link is for non Mac users.

  2. Matt Linzbach - January 7, 2009

    Have no problem viewing on this Mac. Works with Safari, Firefox and Opera with the Flash version 10.
    Its worth the time to watch the discussion.

  3. Thomas Pellechia - January 7, 2009

    I went back to it, and all went well this time.
    Glad you put this up Tom. Poeple need to know the things that are covered in that meeting.

  4. The Wine Commonsewer - January 10, 2009

    CATO is one of the voices in the wilderness. Had a couple friends that went to the event.

  5. M. - January 11, 2009

    Though I’ve been called a shill for the cork industry, its surprising that you and other seem to give a free pass to Cato. By comparison see:
    “Cato supports the wholesale elimination of eight cabinet agencies— Commerce, Education, Energy, Labor, Agriculture, Interior, Transportation and Veterans Affairs— and the privatization of many government services.”
    I seriousl doubt that Cato is the voice of objective reason in this age. Don’t you try to evaluate those you applaud ??

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