Welcome to the 2009 American Wine Blog Awards

Welcome to the 2009 American Wine Blog Awards.

This is the third year the Awards have been presented and produced at FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog and for the third year these awards are meant to bring attention to the very best in the Wine Blogging Universe. My hope is that not only will the cream rise to the top, but as a result of these awards more attention will be focused on the most important change to the wine writing world in recent memory.

For the first time, the American Wine Blog Awards have sponsors. These generous companies are involved as sponsors for a number of reasons, not the least of which are that they believe in the wine blogging genre, they are generous organizations, and they appreciate the quality of the audience that pays attention to the American Wine Blog Awards. This year's sponsors include Riedel Crystal, Mutineer Magazine and The OpenWine Consortium. PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT TO SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION TO THESE SPONSORS.


There is one minor change to this year's American Wine Blog Awards. We have withdrawn the Best Video Blog/Podcast category. The reason for this is that, first, I believe that podcasts and video blogs are two entirely different animals and can not be lumped together. Second, I believe both the Podcast and the VideoBlog is an entirely different animal with different criteria for success and quality than are the typical blogs.

First is the Nomination Process. Anyone with an opinion may nominate up to 3 blogs in each category. Below you will see seven posts, one for each category. To make nominations in any of these categories simply leave a comment in the comment section of the relevant post. PLEASE…Take note of the criteria for nominating a blog. Most important and as in past years, a blog must have made a minimum of 52 post between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008.

Second, after the Nomination process is closed, a panel of judges will evaluate all the nominees in each category. Based on their judgment, we will determine the 4 finalists in each category.

Finally, once the finalists are determined, the public and the judges will vote on the best blog among each of the finalists in the seven categories. The vote of the public will be given 70% of the weight toward the eventual winner while the judges opinions will be given 30% of the weight toward determining the winners in each of the seven categories.

NOTE: The number of times a blog is nominated in a category has no impact on if it will be a finalist!

NOTE: FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog is not eligible in any categories.

While we will be carrying out a publicity campaign around the American Wine Blog Awards, I URGE you to spread the word yourself in order to draw as many nominations in each category as possible from as diverse a group of people as possible.

I have to thank everyone for participating in these awards. I want to thank everyone for supporting my efforts in organizing them. I want to thank all the judges who will be working very hard to contribute to the  success of the Awards. And I want to thank every reader of FERMENTATION for supporting this blog.


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13 Responses

  1. Dr. Horowitz - January 31, 2009

    What about the 2009 wine blog award for:
    The best wine blog by a study abroad class in Chile between 1/12/2009 and 1/23/2009?
    I nominate theglobalwineindustry.wordpress.com 😉

  2. Terese Post - February 5, 2009

    I nominate aficionada.squarespace.com. Brooke Cheshier has a refreshingly honest and approachable style to wine blogging. Her enthusiasm and wit regarding the subject speaks to all.

  3. Randy Fuller - February 5, 2009

    Deb Harkness perfectly balances her passion for wine with good sense. She’s poetic without vagueness, brilliant without haughtiness. I love her writing and look forward to each new post.

  4. Pat Lathrop - February 5, 2009

    I nominate aficionada.squarespace.com

  5. Dave A. - February 17, 2009

    a nomination for: nosnob.com

  6. D Brown - February 26, 2009

    Are these awards just US blogs? What about english language blogs – non-US? For instance, see:
    http://www.drinkster.blogspot.com/ by Philip White. The Lester Bangs of wine writing.

  7. insurance - May 8, 2009

    what is mortgage? 🙂

  8. Study Abroad - June 2, 2009

    Thanks for your information. Most of the posts in the blog is really valuable. Regards…

  9. sara - June 25, 2009

    Jeff rocks: http://drinkeatlove.typepad.com/

  10. Jeff Harig - July 1, 2009

    Would like to get on board for future awards!

  11. Dubravka Uchman - July 29, 2009

    My vote for best writing would hands down be the comedy website “Wines That Don’t Blow!” You will not find a more creative website out there! This site has my vote for next year! I encourage you all to check it out!

  12. Dubravka Uchman - July 29, 2009

    The world’s best and only wine comedy website!

  13. bmrrrgrl - September 23, 2009

    I nominate Wine Tasting San Diego http://winetastingsandiego.com. Great informational articles and fun to follow tweets.

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