Wine Blog Awards Nominations End in Two Days


The nomination process of the American Wine Blog Awards ends in 2 days on February 8. If there is still a blog that has not been nominated in one or more of the seven categories that you believe should be, then it's probably a good idea to do that now.

Best Wine Blog Graphics & Presentation
Best Industry/Business Wine Blog
Best Wine Reviews on a Wine Blog
Best Overall Wine Blog
Best Single Subject Wine Blog
Best Winery Blog
Best Writing On a Wine Blog

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  1. Remy - February 8, 2009

    We’re still Feb. 8 and the comments sections are closed in the nominations sections.
    I’d like to nominate two other winery blogs, if I may still do so, on top of A Donkey and Goat, which I already suggested.
    The Benchland Blog from Michel Schlumberger is terrific.
    And so it a very twisted blog you may know:

  2. Candace Conkin - February 8, 2009

    I nominate Vinifico! Wine Blog:

  3. Mike Kass - February 25, 2009

    Although a new website, I think a future contender is The newsletters written by a passionate wine guru are unique and sensible. Give it a shot!

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