Wine and Money

As a follow up to a post on the total amount of campaign contributions alcohol wholesalers and distributors gave to Illinois State politicians in 2008, below is a list of TOTAL STATE CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS BY ALCOHOL WHOLESALERS AND DISTRIBUTORS BY STATE.

Factors such as the state of the economy reduced the amount given from the last election cycle. These figures come from The total is $8,594,204. Sixty-four percent of this total is attributable to contributions in CA, FL, IL, MI and TX alone. These amounts do not include the money wholesalers and distributors spent on lobbying, which amounts to millions more.

AL    35,500
AK    900
AZ    99,358
AR    17,070
CA    1,011,156
CO    6,400
CT    ?
DE    33,050
FL    789,246
GA    381,831
HA    ?
ID    16,800
IL    1,588,484
IN    282,462
IA    84,425
KS    63,749
KY    58,350
LA    5,000
ME    554,805
MD    14,450
MA    86,450
MI    523,073
MN    31,650
MS    ?
MO    56,130
MT    5,450
NE    10,571
NV    130,838
NH    31,000
NJ    388,863
NM    41,151
NY    225,401
NC    147,298
ND    8,840
OH    283,650
OK    9,075
OR    299,983
PA    105,275
RI    32,450
SC    126,675
SD    1,900
TN    291,443
TX    1,557,606
UT    34,150
VT    3,800
VA    ?
WA    107,046
WV    45,300
WI    136,484
WY    ?


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  1. JohnLopresti - April 21, 2009

    On the state VA, check this article in 2003 about then exGovernor, now US Senator, Mark Warner, viticulturist who was selling cabernet franc grapes at that time. The first link is to a press article about his operation six years ago.
    This is his website in the senate

  2. Bob - April 22, 2009

    If the figure from Maine is accurate, it’s astonishing. Maine’s population is tiny, but the listed expenditure is near the top.

  3. guest - April 22, 2009

    The Maine figure appears to be money donated for a ballot measure to stop beverage taxes on malt liquor, wine and soft drinks. Yes, that appears to be the amount contributed by the wholesalers (about 15% of the ballot’s total $3,656,584), but seems that they were actually lobbying for something you would agree with. So I guess not all their money is bad.

  4. Joel Goldberg - April 22, 2009

    The money here in MI — already one of the top numbers — is compounded by the fact that we didn’t even have Gubernatorial or State Senate elections during the last cycle. This is JUST the House.
    Any wonder why they defeated retailer shipping last year?

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