Updating The Wine Supply Chain


Updating The Supply Chain
Wines & Vines Magazine, May 2009

This was published in last month's Wines & Vines Magazine and it's every bit as relevant today as it was 30 days go.

Take home quote:

"We live and work in a new world that requires new wine regulations. Yet
without a cooperative political effort by retailers and wineries,
needed change won't come. And if it doesn't, the next economic downturn
won't hurt nearly as many businesses–because there won't be nearly as
many around."


3 Responses

  1. Scott - June 12, 2009

    It’s always easier to pine about a whimsically different set of circumstances than it is to adapt to the ones that actually exist. As to the businesses that won’t exist by the time the next downturn hits, maybe they shouldn’t. The Darwin Award goes to anyone building a business model based on market conditions that they think would be super-cool but actually are imaginary.

  2. Thomas Pellechia - June 12, 2009

    You said it, Scott.

  3. Tom Wark - June 12, 2009

    That’s just the point. Wineries and retailers have adapted to conditions that exist. However, those conditions are far from optimal where a healthy industry is concerned.

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