Gary Vaynerchuk and The Cult of Passion

Gv Gary Vaynerchuk is coming to Napa Valley.

I'm not sure this is news. He's been in Napa Valley before. This time however he is coming to promote his latest book, "CRUSH IT: Why Now is the Time To Cash In On Your Passion."

Where: V. Sattui Winery, Saint Helena, Napa Valley, CA
When: Saturday, October 24
When: 11am to 1pm
Who: Open to the Public
Price: Free

I don't often mention events on this blog, but I make the exception in the case of Gary Vaynerchuk because frankly, he's remarkable. He's remarkable for the well of passion he possesses for life, family, and work. His rise to phenomenon status has been a remarkable thing. More remarkable is how he has used his knowledge of wine, technology and his passion to rise above wine and move into the realm of inspirational personality. This kind of transition has never occurred with any wine personality that I know of.

CRUSH IT is described as a book that explains how to deploy modern Internet strategies to turn your passion into a business. Gary is correct about one important thing: if you want to use the Internet as the primary tool by which you succeed at what you love, then you better have LOADS of passion  (and not a little personality: read "charisma" that can be translated to an electronic environment.)

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  1. Caleb Sexton - October 21, 2009

    Here is the Facebook RSVP link for more information.

  2. Anon - October 21, 2009

    Forgive my not sharing your enthusiasm for Gary but his business practices at home in NJ do not match his public “good guy” persona. “CRUSH IT” sounds more like his approach to competitors or trade partners who work with those competitors.

  3. Mitch - October 21, 2009

    I could not agree more he has really paved the way for a new type of business model.
    He is brilliant. I know he can be over the top at time but he is usually accurate. Great job
    adding this to your blog. I actually interviewed Chris Riccobono from the
    new website
    He clearly followed in Gary’s footsteps and it is amazing how many followers he already
    has from using the same marketing model. What is interesting is that he found a niche
    and has a huge following of people who like Gary but like the more laid back style.
    Both stories really show that with technology today there is unlimited opportunity. However,
    you still need a great product and need to work hard.

  4. Thomas Pellechia - October 21, 2009

    A pardonthatvine plug again. You guys are hitting all the relevant blogs, but I doubt you’ll be another Gary V. phenom.

  5. Dylan - October 21, 2009

    We’re reaching a point where almost anything can be translated into an electric environment. All that’s called for is that you possess it in the first place.

  6. Arthur - October 21, 2009

    Perhaps it’s time to put a kabash on the pardonthatvine astroturfing campaign? it’s a bit obvious

  7. The Wine Mule - October 21, 2009

    I don’t suppose it is possible that Gary Vaynerchuk’s passion for wine is turning into a passion for promoting Gary Vaynerchuk?
    The more I read and hear about him, the less comfortable I become with the adjective “passionate.” Maybe he’s just an easily excitable guy?

  8. Mitch - October 21, 2009

    I could not disagree with you more. I had the opportunity to sit down with Chris Riccobono and yes there is a lot of hype around his website but bottom line is people are watching. It is classic viral marketing.

  9. Thomas Pellechia - October 22, 2009

    Dylan said in reply to Mitch…
    Doesn’t that guy ever stand up?

  10. Anon Too - October 22, 2009

    @Anon of course, he’s telling how to be number 1, not number 2

  11. italianwinelovr - October 22, 2009

    I couldn’t agree more with you. In the sea of unmoral and corrupt society we have a shining light. He is the real deal! He stands for what is right- love your family, love what you do and honesty! He has inspired many people to do what they love, including me and has the foresight to see were he can succeed before others…I have never known a more caring person in the spotlight or more of a hard worker….GV brings the Thunder!!

  12. - October 22, 2009

    Gary Vee is like a perfect storm – I’ve been following him for quite some time and have written about him on my blog. He has so much going for him that I have a hard time seeing anyone repeating his success even if they subscribe to all the same tricks. Gary Vee is knowledgeable, insanely energetic, good speaker and actor (most of the time), persistent, and clearly very business/street smart. It’s near impossible for vast majority of people to do what he does, just as vast majority of people cannot act like Robert Deniro or be like Jay Leno. Inspirational people inspire us and make us want to be better, but their success CANNOT be reproduced – they are UNIQUE. I’ve been calling him “Martha Stewart of Wine”, as he is building a media personality empire on top of his wine success, just like Arnold S and Ronald R built their political career on top of their movie success. Kudos to Gary Vee for entertaining, educating, and inspiring the rest, but let’s not fool ourselves in the Church of Saint GaryV.

  13. Arthur - October 22, 2009

    “astroturfing”, google it.

  14. KenPayton - October 22, 2009

    Mr. Vaynerchuk has done more to damage the culture of wine than any Parker wet dream ever could.

  15. Larry - October 22, 2009

    I have to say it is comical as a young guy watching the jealousy take place from some of you guys over Gary Vaynerchuck and Chris Riccobono. Young guys who know wine and have leveraged and yes I used the word leveraged their talents and work ethic to make it happen. Just rad above and you can feel the animosity, It is sad to watch some of you attack them. It is almost 2010 guys stop living in the past.

  16. Anon - October 23, 2009

    Anon Too, there is no shortage of healthy competition in the NJ market, but using your dominant influence to shut others out crossed the line. How many small independent retailers need to go under to support Gary’s vision of owning the NJ Jets? And how does that help the wine trade?

  17. Dylan - October 24, 2009

    Why was I replied to with a message addressed to Arthur?

  18. Gary Vaynerchuk - October 27, 2009

    Thank u so much to the well wishers and to some of those who may not be as excited or agree, I really hope I get to meet you one day as I really think that would be a great way to know each other. I am hyper and over the top and all that so I understand why I may rub some the wrong way, I wish u all the best and hope that day when we share a glass of vino comes!

  19. jp - October 27, 2009

    hey ken payton -the kid sits with the likes of terlato, barret, greene, and jones in just the last three months and plenty other whos whos in the business over the last few years and you make a knock like that. get over it pal you come off as a just a plain ole eltist jo

  20. Ned - November 4, 2009

    I think there has been some conflation going on with GV. He is no more passionate than many many other wine lovers, but is far more extroverted and gregarious than most. Let’s not get that confused with passion, which is not measured by how much or how fast you talk.
    As to what might go on in the wine business in NJ? Well, it’s NJ right, Soprano country right…

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