Questioning Authority: The David Darlington Edition

Insight and education and entertainment does result from exploring the expertise of authorities in any given field. But sometimes, simply questioning the authority on more mundane matters can also deliver insight…and surprises. The "Questioning Authority" interview series on FERMENTATION is meant to do just that: Provide insight and surprises…and maybe entertain a little.

Questioning Authority: The David Darlington Edition

Ddarlington Job Description?
Freelance writer. (Not wine writer, in other words.)

Profession other than current you'd like to claim?
Filmmaker or photographer.

First Act as The King of Wine?
I decree that food accompany wine at all times, even during evaluative wine judging.

Last book read?
Friday Night Lights, for a possible writing project.

DeathBed Wine?
Seeing as how a deathbed request might be the only way I'll ever get to taste it, bring me DRC.

Your hero or heroine?
John McPhee has been my main literary model, but for artistic commitment and durability — and despite the fact that I don't necessarily like all of his work or personality — the filmmaker Werner Herzog.

Where does your one roundtrip ticket in a time machine take you?
Almost anywhere before 1950. The 1850s (California Gold Rush, Moby Dick, Walden, Leaves of Grass) might be pretty interesting, as would the 1880s (California wine planting frenzy, Huckleberry Finn).

Is the 100-point wine rating scale a good thing?
See my first act as King of Wine.

Late night Snack
What's the point of snacking late at night? Pretty soon you'll be asleep and won't know you're hungry.

Your new winery is named…?
My only winery was Young Gentlemen's Private Reserve, described in my 1991 book about zinfandel but disbanded in 2006 for several reasons, among them the chronic overripeness of California grapes. (No new winery planned.)


As David Darlington notes above, he is not a wine writer. However, he has written one of the best wine books I've ever read: "Angel's Visit: An Inquiry Into the Mysteries of Zinfandel". Recently David released "An Ideal Wine: One Generations Pursuit–Of Perfection and Profit–In California" which I am dying to read. David has written regularly for many wine publicatiions, though he is not a wine writer. Rather, he is a writer who often writes and thinks about wine.


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