The Stupidest Alcohol Law in All the Land?

ZionI’ve been accused, unfairly, of mocking Mormons. What I’ve actually done is mock citizens and lawmakers in Utah. I’m certain there is a difference.

However, with the release of this new poll, I will refrain from mocking Utah citizens and simply focus on lawmakers. It appears that a new poll shows that nearly two-thirds of those polled favor taking down the “Zion Curtain” that, by law, must separate bartenders from patrons in restaurants. The purpose of the Zion Curtain is to curtain excessive drinking. I’m not joking. The reasoning goes like this: the very sight of a person mixing a drink is so powerful that it is liable to encourage a restaurant patron to drink alcohol. In order to prevent this kind of immoral encouragement, a barrier ought to be placed between drink makers and patrons.

I know. It goes without saying, doesn’t it.

The breakdown by politics and gender in the new poll is kind of interesting:

“88 percent of Democrats and 73 percent of independent voters wanted to remove the barriers but only 48 percent of Republicans did..Men (65 percent) also were more likely than women (59 percent) to want the barriers removed”

Male Democrats apparently really like watching a drink being mixed. This describes me perfectly.Zion3

I want to quote one more part of the story that details this new poll because it outlines one of the problems with a state like Utah:

Rep. Kraig Powell, R-Heber City, said he already has plans to sponsor a bill in 2015 that will do away with the barrier requirement. It would be his third try at changing the law. In 2013, his bill passed the House, but faltered in the Senate. In 2014, his proposed legislation never made it out of committee because Valentine and key lawmakers had decided not to discuss changes to Utah liquor laws after Mormon church officials said they were happy with what was on the books.”

I repeat…I am not mocking Mormons. I am however suggesting that if you are looking to create a set of the stupidest and most moronic laws relating to alcoholic beverages you can count on Mormons to accommodate you.


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  1. tina varela - November 11, 2014

    and romney is being considered for another presidential run….i’ve often wonder why media does not bring up that he is a bishop an therefore must follow the laws of the mormon church

  2. Maureen Downey - November 11, 2014

    We have had a home in Deer Valley since 1983. I lived there upon graduating from college: 1994-1996. I managed restaurants & even wine programs. My boyfriend was a bartender in Park City for 20 years, until he moved to SF last year. I have never seen such a curtain. There are LOTS of stupid laws, but I have never seen one of these, and very few places must have them.

  3. Maureen Downey - November 11, 2014

    Romney’s being a Mormon is as applicable as Kennedy having been a Catholic. Please. Didn’t harm Massachusetts – where I went to BU and alcohol was PLENTIFUL….

    • Don Clemens - November 12, 2014

      Kennedy was not a bishop in the Catholic Church. I would consider that a considerable difference.

  4. El Jefe - November 12, 2014

    Hey Tom – What would be more interesting would be to show us an alcohol law that isn’t stupid. I’ll wait…

  5. Philip Woodrow - November 12, 2014

    these crazy Mormons might be onto something with the Bartop Burka. “Mmm, this is tasty, so what exactly is in a Mormon Manhattan?” “We’ll never tell!”

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