Arizona Bans Direct Shipment of French Wines

bannedJust so it’s clear…

Arizona recently passed a wine shipping bill that bans the shipment of all French wines to consumers in that state. Additionally, the new bill bans the shipment of Italian, German and Spanish wines to consumers in that state.

Collectors will also be interested to know that the recently passed bill, SB 1381, will ban the shipment of any wine purchased at auction from New York, Illinois or California auction houses.

Free the Grapes, The California Wine Institute and the Arizona Winegrowers Association all supported the bill that banned the shipment of these particular wines.

When you support a bill that bans the shipment of wine from out-of-state retailers, who are the only sources of imported wines and wines sold at auction, you support an anti-competitive, protectionist and anti-consumer bill that creates a black market in wine, denies needed tax revenue to states, and, as mentioned above, bans the shipment of the majority of wines approved for sale in the United States.


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  1. Steve - April 4, 2016

    I have never heard anyone accuse politicians of being smart. They will do most anything for contributions. All laws in America are foisted upon the majority by minorities and lobbyists. The day will come with self driving cars when Napa politicians will install sensors that will prevent such cars from driving Hwy 29 at specific times unlessthe car is registered as being garaged full time in Napa.
    AZ must have a statement prepared that explains their logic. Now that would be a fun read in intellectual honesty.. I did not see where Distributors came down on this law?

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