You Can’t See The Problems if You Don’t Look Up

blindersIt’s a near perfect exposition of what 80 years of ignoring the obvious leads to.

Gov. Terry Branstad has ordered a review of Iowa’s alcohol laws, which many have complained are outdated and overly cumbersome.

Branstad has tasked Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division Administrator Stephen Larson and Iowa Economic Development Authority Director Debi Durham to lead a working group and make recommendations by January 2017. They will work with representatives from throughout the industry, including wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers, prevention specialists and regulators.

“Iowa laws regulating alcohol were first written in 1934,” Branstad said in a statement Wednesday. “Many things have changed in this industry since then, and we want to make sure our laws are not barriers to entrepreneurs and businesses.”

Who is missing from the line up of those that will contemplate a review of Iowa’s alcohol laws? Wholesalers, producers, retailers, healthcare and regulators will be around the table.  But no consumers. No representatives of consumers. no one who uses the products and services the alcohol beverage industry in Iowa serves.

It’s a bit like the toy makers gathering together art directors, copywriters and plastic mold makers to discover what kind of toys kids will want this Christmas without ever asking the kids what they want.

Every single person or group around the table in Des Moines will have the same question on their mind: How do I preserve my position and place. That’s not the right question. The right question is what does the consumer want and need from the alcohol industry and regulators. 


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  1. Steve - August 11, 2016

    Like most things involving favors and changes, elites/establishment folks need to protect their turf first. So the first order of business is to make sure all changes are rooted in protecting he elites and establishment from the nasty outsider unwashed (i.e. the masses). Politicians need to protect their money sources and that mean to make sure the money sources are protected.

  2. Tom Wark - August 11, 2016

    Steve, and the best way to do all these things is to make sure certain folks are not at the table.

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