Wine Lovers—Please Step Up To Help One of the Good Guys!

GWALTERGreg Walter isn’t just one of the good guys of wine, he’s one of the really important guys of wine. He has more that 35 years of communicating about wine under his belt.

He has served as one of key developers of the Wine Spectator that helped bring millions into the wine drinking community.

He has been editor of the influential Pinot Report that has introduced Pinot lovers to so many great Pinot Noirs and helped bring Pinot out of the shadows in the U.S.

He has produced Pinot On the River for years, helping bring together Pinot drinkers and innovative Pinot drinkers.

And he has been a friend and mentor to many.

Now Greg needs the wine community’s help. Let’s give it to him.

Greg is currently fighting brain cancer. Michelle Armour, a fantastic PR pro, has stepped up to create at YouCaring Fundraising Drive to help raise money for Greg and family’s current battles against this shitty, fucking disease!! Michelle writes:

As you may know, Greg Walter, of Pinot Report, is ill with a very serious and aggressive cancer. Sadly, this has been a major battle that he may not win. Because of this, I am reaching out to fundraise for Greg and his family, which includes his young daughter, Gracie.

Greg is a proud man, but I offered to help, and for the sake of his family, he accepted. It is my hope that you will find it in your heart to donate as generously as is comfortable for you. Your donations will help with the mounting medical bills and significant cost of care that is not covered by insurance. Greg is unable to work after battling cancer for more than a year, so fundraising is even more important than ever. I want to offer Greg some small solace by not having him have to worry about all these costs, and most important, the care of his daughter in the future.

Let’s step up. Let’s help one of the really good guys. As much or as little as you can give is perfect.



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  1. Martin Cody - August 22, 2016

    If desired and forever long as required, Cellar Angels is happy to place Greg’s name on our chairty partner page and promote his needs so any wine transaction can help raise donations.
    Just let me know,

  2. Tom Wark - August 22, 2016

    Martin…..that is a wonderful gesture!! If you can it would be terrific.


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