There But For the Grace of Booze Go I

manhattanhgI’m not a religious man. And I know Thanksgiving originated as an opportunity to express thanks to God. Still, on Thanksgiving I begin to think seriously about those things for which I am grateful and thankful. Some of those things are booze and wine related.

I Am Thankful For:

1. My Clients
All of my clients are booze and wine related. And I am grateful for their support and confidence and what they teach me.

2. A Well Made Cocktail
Specifically, I’m grateful to those bartenders who make a real effort to produce for me a well made Manhattan and Old Fashioned. That first sip of a tenderly made Manhattan, with its sweet bite and mouthfilling brightness always stops me in my tracks.

3. Stewart Dorman: The Unprofessional Winemaker
Throughout the work day I find I need an occasional chuckle. I can either read the headlines or I can look to see if Stewart Dorman has posted a new “The Unprofessional Winemaker” video. I’m grateful for the chuckles he gives me.

4. Pinot Noir
Oh how I love thee, ethereal presence on my palate; the velvety texture, the airy cherry.

5. Far Sonoma Coast Syrah
It’s so meaty!!! I’m grateful.

6. Wine Journalists/Reporters
You know who you are. You are the ones who write informed, researched articles on the way the booze world works; who try to explain the intricacies of the politics and economy of the booze sector. You don’t mistake “importer” for “wholesaler” and you tell the truth. I’m grateful you are there and working.

7. My Wife, Kathy
…Who more often than not is the person in the house who says, “we should have a drink”, then asks me to make her a dirty martini and insists I make a cocktail for myself too.

8. Julie Ann Kodmur—Professional Wine Publicist
This friend and colleague is a Wine PR mastermind! She teaches me something whenever we chat and makes me laugh too.

9. Cider
The cider renaissance in the American marketplace has been spectacular. Never before have there been so many craft and artisan ciders from American producers as well as imported as there are now. And I think I’ve tried most of them. For them and this renaissance I am thankful.

10. My Son, Henry George
Among other things, HG inspires me to drink. Alcohol. Daily. But more important, little HG at only 2 and a half years old, is half way toward being able to make a very passable Manhattan. He can’t quite wield the bourbon bottle effectively, but he’s got the ice down, knows to stir and not shake, knows exactly how much bitters to put in, and has a half way good sense of how much vermouth I like in my Manhattan. Within the next six months, he’ll be fully trained and for this I am grateful.


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