The Search for Reason in Alcohol Laws

MNDrinkingWhen people who don’t live in such places where archaic laws are still enforced and discover that, for example, Sunday sales of alcohol are illegal, they tend to be stopped in their tracks. They only logical response is, “Well, that’s stupid.” Hopefully, that response will come slightly less often with regard to Minnesota.

Minnesota could take the first step toward erasing the state’s ban on Sunday liquor sales.

The House was expected to vote Monday on a bill that would allow liquor stores to open on Sundays. It’s a perennial issue at the Capitol that consumes plenty of attention but has never moved forward.

House Speaker Kurt Daudt says he expects it to easily pass, citing a growing appetite among Minnesota residents to repeal the old Prohibition-era law. But the real hurdle is in the Senate, where more lawmakers still favor the ban.

Whenever you hear someone defending laws that were written over 80 years ago and when you hear them defend laws that were put in place to address conditions that existed over 100 years ago it’s best to ask, “Why are you opposed to reason”?

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  1. Marina - February 22, 2017

    I live in Alabama. Not only can you not purchase alcohol on Sundays, but each time you order a drink at a restaurant they ask for ID. I’m 54 years old. Seriously?!? But I think the thing which bothers me most is I cannot order wine or spirits via the internet. We are yet in the dark ages with no enlightenment in sight.

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