Judge Roy Moore’s Disturbing Relationship With Wine

Regular readers of FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog know that I rarely weigh in on politics outside those that play themselves out in the wine industry. However, I feel compelled to weigh in now, if only because I have fresh information about an upcoming election.

I have it on eyewitness authority that in 2001 Judge Roy Moore, candidate for an Alabama Senate seat, happily and enthusiastically opened and drank a 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon. Not only that, my source tells me that not only is the attached photo authentic, but that Judge Moore had two such bottles opened at the same moment and happily drank from both bottles!

Moreover, this was apparently not the only time Judge Moore exhibited this kind of behavior. My source indicates that in 1998 Judge Moore was witnessed drinking a 1996 Grand Cru Burgundy in a private room with three other men…I repeat: THREE OTHER MEN!!!

It goes without saying that none of my readers would condone this kind of behavior. And while I recognize that these acts are not strictly illegal in Alabama, they provide additional insight into the kind of man who Alabamans are being asked to represent them in Washington, DC.

We live in promiscuous times. We all know this. But even in this age of “blended wines”, widespread winter consumption of Rosé, and wine in cans, this news of Judge Moore’s relationships with wine is disturbing.

And let me be clear. While Senator Franken’s alleged use of ice cubes isn’t something we should accept, that kind of behavior doesn’t rise to the level of fondling and the popping of a two-year-old Burgundy or Cabernet. Nobody can justify the latter. Do the folks of Alabama want a wine predator representing them in the U.S. Senate? If Franken’s history of cubes makes him unfit to serve in the Senate, certainly these accusations, if confirmed, of Judge Moore’s immoral relationship with wine make him unfit to take a seat in the Senate.

And as long as I’m on this unusual foray into politics, I may as well remind my Alabama readers what we know about the Democratic candidate facing off against Judge Moore. Doug Jones has always treated wine with great respect. You’ve never seen Mr. Jones ever condemn anyone for late season Rosé consumption. Moreover, Jones has long been a proponent of blended wines. And while I can’t get behind his proposals to drink wine liberally from cans, I recognize that honest men can have sincere disagreements over questions of wine. Afterall, it’s not as though we are talking about the pros and cons of imbibing two-year-old Burgundy or Cabernet—a subject I think we all agree is inappropriate, to say the least.

The above picture has been altered to protect the identity of the wine.


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