The Rules and Etiquette of #Wine and #SocialMedia

There is proper etiquette and there are good rules for those seeking to engage in #WineTwitter or any other form of social media when the wine person or people you are conversing with are not in front of your face. They are simple rules and simple etiquette and if you adhere to them you will stay safe and happy.

1. It’s just wine.

2. Never assume the worst first about a person.

3. Know to whom you are talking or responding. It might matter.

4. If a person has an opinion about something that differs from yours, that’s not cause for alarm.

5. Try to smile through the words you type.

6. It’s not misogyny nor misandry nor racism if you disagree with someone of the opposite sex or another group.

7. Remember that everything you say is public. 

8. Would you say that to their face? If not, don’t say it to them online

9. If wrongfully accused of something, never apologize trying to stop the accusations. It won’t.

10. If you ignore these rules and are rude to people, don’t be surprised or offended if someone points that out. Because they will.

The robust debates and conversations one finds on #WineTwitter, #WineFacebook and #WineInstagram are often fun and educational. We make new friends. We learn things we didn’t know and we watch ideas generated that were not apparent before. But they can be rough too at times. Without embracing rules and a dedication to etiquette and without reminding ourselves that there are real people on the other side of the screen who may not be terrible people, things can get ugly. So, follow the rules and follow the etiquette.

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  1. John Hinman - March 4, 2021

    Good advice for all situations

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