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May 5, 2005

Do Your Duty…Now, I’m outta here

I’ve received quite a few calls and emails regarding my post about the laundry list of money gifts the Wine & Spirit Wholesalers Association dole out to politicians in the hope that they will help them stop wine lovers from buying fine wine….so we can save the children. I’ve also gotten calls and emails regarding my post on WSWA CEO Juanita Duggan’s absurd little rant she gave a the her organization’s recent convention. So, I thought before Fermentations takes a…

May 3, 2005

Someone Has To Tell The Truth

I‘ve been waiting a couple of weeks to respond to these set of comments by Juanita Duggan. I figured  finally that the best way to do so was simply comment with the ugly truth.   You can get more of the Ugly Truth about Juanita Duggan here. Prepared Remarks for Juanita D. Duggan               President and CEO, Wine & Spirit Wholesalers Association and strongest publicproponents of stopping all direct shipment of wine to consumers at the2005…

May 3, 2005

Cynicism, Money, Wine and no Conscience

This is a very long post about cynicism, money and a pure lack of conscience. Below is a list of expenditures made by the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Association made during the 2004 election cycle, sorted by size of the expenditure. This is the organization that represents the wholesalers whose most important mission over the past decade has been to prevent wine lovers from being able to buy wine direct from retailers or wineries. There is no descrimination in who…

Apr 11, 2005

When Giants Fight

I tend to worry when to giants battle each other for the chance to be the savior of the little guy. That’s the spin that comes out of the Wholesaler and Big Retailer camps in a terrific Los Angeles Times article about the future of wholesaling and retailing wine. The article details the desire of retailing giant Costco to overturn law in Washington State that prohibits it from purchasing wine directly from the producers. Instead, it is forced to buy…

Apr 5, 2005

This Wine Law has a Short Shelf Life

Earlier this year when the U.S. Supreme Court heard their wine case, the issue concerned states in which local wineries could ship to state residents, but out of state wineries could not ship wine direct to those same state residents. It was a case about economic descrimination. Though the court has not come back with a decision, I have to wonder why Arkansas would allow it’s legislature to consider a new law allowing the very same kind of economic descrimination….