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Feb 15, 2005

What Would Bacchus Do?

Michael Stajer has an excellent rundown of a really crazy perspective on the Wine Shipping controversy. The source of the rather ludicrous assertions that Michael refers to come from one Reverend Mark Creech who claims, among other things:   "Jesus would have never approved the actions of a bunch of greedy Internet wine retailers who were determined to distribute "strong drink" at the expense of the nation’s children." I presume Reverend Creech would say that Jesus instead would have approved…

Feb 11, 2005

Detroit Free Press Slaps Down Wine Monopolists

Detroit Free Press Reporter Jennifer Dixon absolutely pummeled the Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers Association today in a series of articles that outline essentially how they purchase influence all across the Michigan State Government. Trips to the Caribbean for Michigan lawmakers. Very generous campaign contributions. Millions of dollars contributed annually. And what do they get for their largesse? What would you think? Near monopoly status. The complete absence of any competition. A state government willing to go the supreme court…

Feb 9, 2005

Fat Chance Maryland Wineries

A news report that hit yesterday detailed a new study that showed Maryland’s wine industry would benefit if a number of regulations were lifted. Governor Robert Ehrlich commissioned the report. Among the findings was that Maryland would benefit from lifting the ban on direct shipping. I’m not sure this is the recommendation Governor Ehrlich was looking for. In fact, Fat Chance Erhlich would ever support lifting the current direct shipping ban. As a congressman, Ehrlich sponsored a bill to that…

Jan 24, 2005

“Direct Shipping is fine…just not in our state”

North Dakota is poised to become the 25th state that allows direct shipping of wine to its residents. However, local wholesalers are opposing the change in regulations. While readers of Fermentations know I am a staunch proponent of direct sales and have on occasion laid into wholesalers for their false explanations why direct sales should not be allowed, I must admit I appreciate the wholesalers reaction to this particular bill. They are if nothing else honest. According to Rob Hanson…

Jan 23, 2005

Coming ruling on Direct Shipping of Wine: Implications

Many of us have waited a very long time for the direct shipping issue to come before the Supreme Court. Up to the point in December when the arguments were heard, most of the debate was over the constitutional issues and the effect of baring wineries from shipping direct. Little discussion was given to what would be the outcome of a ruling that found discriminatory anti-shipping laws unconstitutional. The media, in its fashion, has really not investigated this question. Rather,…

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