Consumer Shipping in CA hit by a “Glitch”

Writer Dan Berger remains the most astute observer of the California wine industry. That quality was on display in the latest issue of his newsletter, "Vintage Experiences" that hit the email box last night.

Dan points out that California’s new shipping law, SB118, which has been criticized for leaving retailers out in the cold when it comes to the ability to ship to consumers, also happens to screw CONSUMERS in a more fundamental way.

SB118 does not include a provision that allows consumers to ship a case of wine to themselves or to another private party. Fed EX and UPS could presumably deny consumers the ability to do this based on how the law is written.

Always the digger and researcher, Berger called upon Paul Kronenberg, the Executive Director of Family Winemakers of California, to explain this. Kronenberg admitted the issue never came up. However, he did say he would work with his board to attempt to fix the glitch.

There are a lot of "glitches" in this proposed law.

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