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Apr 5, 2006

The Big Thank You

Time To Honor the Sponsors…the folk who honor FERMENTATION by their presence. INERTIA BEVERAGE GROUPThe pros when it comes to direct sales of wine, web management and all things wine and selling on-line. Their new blog, REthink Wine Blog, is ramped up and delivers daily insights on how to sell more wine on-line. K&L WINE MERCHANTSWine retailers extraordinaire. But they too maintain a blog (K&L Uncorked). Currently it’s all about Bordeaux with emphasis on the apparently great 2005 vintage. MAYO…

Feb 17, 2006

Sponsor Wine News

A WORD FROM OUR SPONSORS News from FERMENTATION Sponsors… K&L WINE MERCHANTSK&L Wine Merchants has it’s own blog. Currently there is a post that delivers a vintage report on the 2001 Brunello Vintage. Worth a look. Also, don’t forget to check out the Inventory Clearance page where the last of some great wines are highlighted. MAYO FAMILY WINERYGlen Ellen’s Mayo Family Winery has announced the opening of its second RESERVE ROOM, this one in the town of Healdsburg just off…

Jan 27, 2006

Sponsors Toast

A Toast To FERMENTATION Sponsors ——————————————————————————-K & L WINE MERCHANTSClick Here to check out the latest arrivals at K&L (It looks like Cain Five, one of the classic Napa ageables is back on the shelves) MAYO FAMILY RESERVE ROOMA recent article described the Mayo Reserve Room this way: "The in-depth approach here might spoil people for other tastings – and it’s one of the best deals in the Wine Country." LENNE ESTATEOregon Premium Vineyard and Winery Selecting Partners——————————————————————————–

Jan 6, 2006

FERMENTATION Sponsor Tidbits

FERMENTATION SPONSOR TIDBITS In our continuing effort to provide added value to Fermentation Sponsors and deliver nuggets of info to our readers we offer the following: Fermentation sponsor K&L Wine Merchants offers up a list of their Top Sellers in the Under $30 and Over $30 categories. Interestingly, the top wine in the Under $30 category is an $9 Cab/Shiraz/Merlot blend from Australia. A well known Napa Cab holds the top spot for Over $30. _________________________________ The Mayo Family Reserve…

Dec 21, 2005


Intermission from our regular commentary to say thanks and persuade FERMENTATION readers to click away… The Fermentation Daily Wine Blog has sponsors: K&L Wine Merchants sells nearly every kind and type of wine you could possibly want. Today however I want to point you to their new BLOG…yes..a K&L blog entitled K&L Uncorked. ————————– Lenne Estate in Oregon is another (new) Fermentation advertiser who has a very specific plan. Find an investor for their vineyard and winery. The link to…