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Aug 17, 2005

Great Wines of….

Very interesting Wine Blog I can’t believe I’ve not encountered before: GREAT WINES OF NORTH CAROLINA And speaking of wines outside California. Has anyone noticed how much is being written these days about the so-called "other winemaking states"?  Do a Google News search on "Wines" or "Wineries". Usually half or more of what you find on a daily basis is about wines and wine industries in states outside CA. If I could only get my local wine shops to carry…

Jul 19, 2005

What’s Going On With Wine Blogging?

In October 2004, the best listing of wine blogs on the Internet, listed a total of 26 blogs devoted to wine. Today, that number is at 81. More than a three-fold increase in the number of wine blogs being tracked in less than a year. What’s going on? Here’s what I think: 1. Blogging has gone mainstream in the past year, spurring vast numbers to try their hand. 2. It’s not difficult to achieve a huge percentage increase in wine…

Jun 30, 2005

Wine Blog Breaking New Ground

Dr. Vino is one of my favorite wine bloggers. His posts are diverse and his insights crisp. His latest project is pretty brilliant. Dr. Vino has launched The Real Wine World, a project in which he will follow the exploits of three wine professionals for a 12 month period. This should open some eyes for those interested in getting into the wine business. He’ll be reporting on the day to day activities of an Argentina winemaker, an Italian wine importer…