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Apr 26, 2005

Wonderful Wine Blog: “Wine Waves”

And then you come across a wine blog you haven’t seen before but that is really doing it right. Wine Waves is a wonderful blog focused on tasting notes. It’s easy on the eyes too with great shots of labels and bottles to go along with the astute reviews. I really love coming across new sources like this; blogs that you happily had to your blog roll. Jerry Hall is the culprit, a part wine wine consultant in a retail…

Apr 26, 2005

These Wine Bloggers Need Encouragement

It’s not comprehensive, but it is interesting. Alfredo, Angelique, Florencia, Michael and David have opened up a blog devoted to Argentina wine and their adventures making wine in Argentina. This is one of those blogs that seems to have wonderful potential if the authors would just take it a bit more seriously. Vino Tourism Argentina offers quick snippets of adventures at the winery and wine related economic news from Argentina. It needs word. But I think with some encouragement we…

Apr 26, 2005

Read The Wine Media Survey Results

The results of the Fermentations Survey "How Do We Consume Wine Information" are in. The results can be found here. A few things you need to remind yourself as you look at these survey results. First, it’s a fairly small sample of Fermentations Wine Blog readers only. Also, it is important to not extrapolate to far out toward the general wine consumer. It is best to think of these results as "How do WINE BLOG READERS consume wine information?" That…

Apr 22, 2005

SURVEY RESULTS: We Are Strange People

What do we know about those special people who read wine blogs? Call it unscientific. Call it a "fairly small sample" if you like. I’m going to call it "The results" To this point 56 readers of this blog have taken the first-ever FERMENTATIONS SURVEY. The general subject: "How do you consume your wine media?" I wanted to share results from the first question of the survey. It says something interesting. 1. How often do you read about, listen to…

Apr 16, 2005

Quote The Godfather, Get Points

Any wine and food blogger who can quote Peter Clemenza is good by me. Barbara is the wine and food lover who reports on her Godfather Marathon in a post for Wine Blogging Wednesday’s Sicilian installment. Her blog, Winos & Foodies, seems a more personal blog than most. I like it. She’s a native Australian living in New Zealand. My only complaint is…that she doesn’t post often enough. Still, take some time and check out Winos & Foodies.