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Jun 2, 2006

E-mail of the Week.

Boy do we get letters!! Most of the comments that come into FERMENTATION are just that…comments in the comment section. Sometimes, however, we get e-mail that speak to issues covered n this blog. And I got a doosy yesterday in response to our post about the new Wine Shipping & Sales rules signed into law yesterday in Arizona. I can’t figure why the anonymous e-mailer was 1) anonymous and 2) didn’t just post it in the comments section. So, with…

Feb 23, 2006

Arizona’s Pro Wine Cyber-Strategy

The Arizona wineries have made a real game out of their battle with that state’s wine distributors who hope to shut off any growth opportunity for that state’s wineries. The state’s wineries have made headway in the legislative battle even though they face a huge disadvantage when it comes to resources. Their response, in part, has been to take it to the digital streets. Todd bostock is the winemaker at Arizona’s Dos Cabezas Winery, a 3000 case winery that produces…

Feb 20, 2006

Wine Wholesaslers: “Everyone’s Incompetent But Us”

It struck me as I was reading a news report of the dire situation Arizona wineries find themselves in (thanks to wine middlemen) that the wine wholesalers who want to convince legislators to stop all forms of direct shipment and direct sales by wineries are making a very unique argument: "EVERYONE IS INCOMPETENT BUT US WHOLESALERS!" In Arizona the wholesalers are pushing a bill that would forbid Arizona wineries from selling direct to consumers and selling direct to retailers. Arizona…