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May 2, 2006

Hospice of Sonoma: Pinot Noir, Brice Jones and the way things work

You see a lot of events in Wine Country that seem utterly the same. The reason they seem that way is because they probably are. But, before we get our panties in a bunch about sameness, it’s important to realize that some formats for celebrations and events just work. And they work well. The Charitable Wine Auction is a perfect example. It works like this: 1. There is an organization that needs to raise funds to operate2. One or two…

Apr 25, 2006

Getting Your Pinot Fix

It is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of the number of Pinot Noir Festivals that take place each year. There are at least four of them in California alone. And given the surge in Pinot’s popularity as well as the number of new Pinot producers, we expect that they all will sell out. However, one Festival, by all accounts, is the one you really should consider attending: PINOT ON THE RIVER, October 27-29, Russian River Valley This…

Mar 23, 2006

Appellation Vs. Terroir

On occasion Roger Dial of Appellation America shoots off an e-mail to their mailing list. They are very often very interesting missives. Todays was particularly enlightening and held one particular statement of great importance and foresight. In general, Roger is arguing that understanding what makes America’s appellations, and the wines that come from them, unique is of critical importance to the American wine culture. But the very last paragraph of his communique reads like this: The fact that so much…