We Know What Wine You Buy!!

In Dan Berger’s latest issue of "Vintage Experiences" (a weekly newsletter that is truly indispensable) he highlights a rather disturbing marketing trend this is about to hit wine consumers.

He notes that Gallo will be adding Radio Frequency Identification tags to the wines it sells at Walmart. What this means is when you purchase that Gallo wine and pay with a credit card, Walmart and, presumably, Gallo will be able to know who you are, what Gallo wine you bought, where you live, where you bought the wine, how much you paid and any other information that Walmart currently has about past purchases as well as any other information tucked away on that electronic strip on your credit card.

Dan imagines this leading to marketers using the information to query you on how you liked the wine, trying to sell you more wine, predicting your future buying habits and more.

Most of us live with the knowledge that what we do and say and buy is probably known to somebody, more likely marketers than the government. We know this, but we tuck that knowledge away, undisturbed because to action’s we’d have to take to prevent this kind of intrusion into our lives would be..well…life changing. So we live with it.

I suppose for the moment I don’t have to worry about the wine element of it since I neither shop at Walmart (for ethical reasons) nor have I bought Gallo wines for many years (also for ethical reasons). But I’m sure it won’t be long before my wine consumption is thoroughly chronicled in someone’s database.

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