Wine Media on Drugs

It strikes me as one of the weirder wine would acquisitions, but who am I to fault a company for wanting to play in another industry. Now follow this…

Decanter, one of England’s and the world’s great wine magazines reports that Harpers, the UK’s oldest and again, one of it’s best wine publishers, has been purchased by Ergo Science Corporation, an American pharmaceutical company that got out of the pharmaceutical business all together.

Harpers had been owned by Highbury, a primarily business-to-business publisher. Having sold all its interest in meds, Ergo was apparently looking for a new industry to take on. Why not publishing.

I only hope that Harpers remains as it is: a stellar magazine and website that reports on the business of wine. I particularly like its "Wines In the Weekly Press" page on its website. There they give a run down of what the Brits are writing about wine in their major newspapers and magazines.

So go take a look at Harpers. You never know what it will become once its on drugs.

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