What Would Bacchus Do?

Michael Stajer has an excellent rundown of a really crazy perspective on the Wine Shipping controversy.

The source of the rather ludicrous assertions that Michael refers to come from one Reverend Mark Creech who claims, among other things:

  "Jesus would have never approved the actions of a bunch of greedy Internet wine retailers who were determined to distribute "strong drink" at the expense of the nation’s children."

I presume Reverend Creech would say that Jesus instead would have approved of the actions of a bunch of greedy brick and mortar wine, beer and SPIRIT wholesalers who are determined to distribute anything at the expense of small farmers and artisan winemakers.

  But this really isn’t important. The Lord Jesus isn’t the God we should be concerned with when it comes to issue of direct shipping. I think we really need to have the God Bacchus weigh in on this issue.

Any Pagans out there who know: What would Bacchus do?


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