America’s Original Cult Wine Hits 50

Stony Hill Vineyard on Spring Mountain in Napa Valley is celebrating its 50th anniversary. This alone is notable, yet not remarkable. What is remarkable is that Stony Hill has created a true cult following over the years by sticking to a style of Chardonnay that is rarely seen any more: crisp, fruit forward, long aging, un-oaked.

A few years back, taken completely by this Chardonnay after having tasted a 15 year old example that was stunning, I set out on a quest to complete a vertical collection of the wines. Older vintages are very difficult to find. Their owners covet them. And they rarely come to auction.

Still I searched, read the auction catalogs, contacted known collectors, visited the winery. I was able to find and procure Stony Hill Chardonnay reaching back to 1971. But that was it. So, I have my 30 year vertical sitting in a temperature-controlled warehouse….waiting.

Mike Dunne at the Sacramento Bee, a really stellar writer, has a wonderful article (Free Registration Required) on Stony Hill and their owners. I recommend it highly.

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