Wine Lovers’ Nirvana

Wine lovers tend to be readers. If they weren’t there would not be entire wine subsection in the "Cooking" area of the bookstore. That’s not to say that tomato lovers are not readers. It’s just that there’s a good deal more to investigate when it comes to wine.

So, if you really want to investigate wine. If you want to step into Wine Reader Nirvana, you really need to visit The Sonoma County Wine Library in Healdsburg, California.

This remarkable collection of wine literature has been my first stop for research for many years. It was here where I began investigating the varietal origins of Petite Sirah when Foppiano Vineyards was a client. But I’ve spent hours here on a number of projects. The problem with the place is that it is so rich with texts, artifacts and curiosities that you inevitably get off track.

The Collection includes over 5,000 books on wine and related subjects. Back issues of more than 80 wine and wine-related periodicals are available. You’ll find collections of letters and papers from vintners as well as papers from various organizations.

"Winefiles" is also a Sonoma County Wine Library feature that is indispensable for research. The library has cataloged hundreds of articles going back years having to do with wine.

The Sonoma County Wine Library’s librarian is Bo Simons. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and helpful, but he’s critical to helping you find what you want fast. The Library is funded in large part by memberships and donations as well as the annual Sonoma Odyssey of Food and Wine, a culinary and wine extravaganza that includes a great auction.

If you live near Healdsburg or are traveling to Sonoma County and are a wine lover who loves your literature, your really are missing something special if you don’t stop by.

Sonoma Wine Library
Healdsburg Regional Library
Piper and Center Street, Healdsburg
Telephone: 707-433-3772; Fax 707-433-7946.

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