Michele Deserves it!

MichelleSometimes exactly the right people get recognized. That happened when the James Beard Awards Nominees were announced this evening.

Throughout the country there are a number of really wonderful radio shows that focus on food and wine. Lynn Chamberlain’s "Wine & Dine" show on iTunes is great (more on that in a later post), Gene Burn’s "Dining Around with Gene Burns" on KGO in San Francisco is dynamite and one I never miss. But out here in Sonoma County there is woman who is an amazingly accomplished food writer, producer of television, and devote of all things food.

Michele Anna Jordan’s "Mouthful" radio show broadcast on KRCB,a relatively small public radio station out of Rohnert Park in Sonoma County, was nominated for a James Beard Award in the Category of Best Local Radio Food Show. She deserves it.

Michele is an eclectic woman. I once spent a Halloween with her and about 20 others dining at Babette’s in the town of Sonoma. She was dressed as Edger Allen Poe…I think. Randall Grahm played our host at a Black Mass Dinner, reading from a black mass between each course. By midnight, after many wines had been opened and drunk, a five course meal that included something black in every course, and after at least 2 cigars….well…it was a good evening and wonderful way to be introduced to Michele.

Since then I"ve read her books, her restaurant reviews and her weekly columns in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat and listened to her on the radio. Her writing comes at you at a slowed pace; she pauses for lots of scenery and perspective. It’s tight writing and personal. On her radio show she’s a bit looser, sometimes surprising herself when she hears what slips out of her mouth of where she left the conversation go. But the conversation never steers too far away from food, wine and how it intersects with culture, society and politics.

Her books are really marvelous too: "A Food Lovers Journal", "New Cooks Tour of Sonoma,"OIl & Vinegar, "Salt & Pepper" to name just a few.

She’s one of those gems who is still somewhat hidden, but something big waiting to happen. She the kind of person that unwraps herself slowly as you get to know her through her work until you feel like you know her personally. The last time we spent a decent amount of time together she discovered that I have tap dancing in my background and she revealed a passion for Hula Dancing. You never know exactly what your are going to get with Michelle Anna Jordan but you can be sure it will be enlightening.

I’m very happy she was nominated and hopes she wins the award.

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  1. Jack - April 7, 2005

    That’s great! Michele is my favorite local food/wine writer and it’s cool to see her get the nomination. Coincidentally, we’re serving an adaptation of her recipe this weekend – Sorrel and Stinging Nettles Soup (that appeared a week ago in the P.D.).

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