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I don’t recall when I first came across Sandra Gonzalez. I think it was probably around two years ago. I’d  probably seen an article somewhere and tracked down the author. When we spoke and e-mailed Ms. Gonzalez explained she was engaged in a mission to bring wine and the Latino culture together.

You don’t hear this sort of thing in the wine business. Once you move out of the vineyards you notice pretty quick that the wine industry is not very ethnically diverse. So, it was was refreshing to hear Ms. Gonzalez’s mission laid out.

She started a company called "Vino Con Vida" (wine with life). As she explains:

"Vino con Vida ("Wine with Life") celebrates lo nuestro, Latino flavors and people in the culinary and winemaking world. For the Latino wine and food lover, Vino con Vida produces events that please your alma y corazón. Teaming with prestigious vintners and gifted chefs, Vino con Vida organizes wine & food tastings, vintner dinners,  and winery tours."

The Vino Con Vida website is filled with Latino-oriented wine and food information, articles, event listings and more.

And, Vino Con Vida and Sandra Gonzalez has what looks to be a great event coming up in May:




Sabor d de Napa 

MAY 14 – Quintessa Winery – Napa Valley

Sabor de Napa  is a celebration of the Latino influences in winemaking, culinary and visual arts in Napa Valley and beyond. An exclusive Winemaker Luncheon and an evening Wine Gala Reception brings together 18 Latino winemakers & special guest wineries, 8 Latino chefs & culinary families, 6 Latino artists and 1 incredible band.

The tasting looks to be impressive. The line up includes:

Alex Sotelo Cellars, 
Mi Sueño,
Carneros della Notte,
Palmaz Vineyards,
Ceja Vineyards,
Quintessa Winery,
El Soñador,
Renteria Wines,
Frias Family Vineyards,
Robledo Family Winery,
Gustavo Thrace,
Round Hill Vineyards,
Honig Vineyards,
Saintsbury Winery,
Keever Vineyards,
Shafer Vineyards,
Mar y Sol Wines,
Summers Winery

Tickets are $58 and available on-line.

More colors have brightened the wine business since I entered it 15 years ago–both in the industry itself and among its consumer base. Part of the reason is the work of Ms. Gonzalez and others who have changed attitudes. This is good. Wine is largely a product and a business that draws its strength from culture and traditions. The more diverse cultural influences that affect the wine industry, the more interesting the wines will become.



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