This Wine Law has a Short Shelf Life

Earlier this year when the U.S. Supreme Court heard their wine case, the issue concerned states in which local wineries could ship to state residents, but out of state wineries could not ship wine direct to those same state residents. It was a case about economic descrimination.

Though the court has not come back with a decision, I have to wonder why Arkansas would allow it’s legislature to consider a new law allowing the very same kind of economic descrimination.

Arkensas Senate Bill 762 allows this very kind of descrimination and it moved out of committee yesterday. The law would allow Arkansas wineries to ship direct to Arkansas residents, but keep in tact the law that keeps out of state wineries from shipping to Arkansas residents. Typically, the wholesalers opposed the new law claiming "it would give wineries an unfair advantage."

Do they read the papers down in Arkansas?

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  1. the sheriff - April 5, 2005

    if you don’t own a dog you cannot have a wine blog. do you own a dog?

  2. Peter Finkelstein - April 5, 2005

    Sheriff: Have you had any wines from Arkansas? How’s their Merlots?

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