Which Wine with a Perfect Day?

Mays1_1For the life of me, I can’t figure out why today isn’t declared a national holiday. Today is opening day of the San Francisco Giants baseball season.

This special day only confirms that spring has actually arrived. Forget budbreak, forget the spring equinox. Spring officially begins when the Giants take the field.

The only thing really bad about today is I won’t be at the game. I’ll be working. But, i read that one of my favorite restaurants near the SBC Park, Momo’s, has expanded its WINE list in anticipation of everything in the universe being in its proper place.

Of course you could celebrate this important day yourself by pulling out special Baseball Wine Glasses.

Another option for acknowledging this important day is simply taking into account that there is a former major leaguer about to open his own winery.

In any case….big big day today. The Giants throw the first pitch at 1:15. I just need to dig deep and find he right bottle for the occasion!

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  1. the sheriff - April 5, 2005

    you drink beer with baseball. have you gotten a dog yet? the giants are a bunch of carpetbaggers. nothing is right at this site.

  2. the sheriff - April 5, 2005

    peter finkelstein has been appointed official blog site dog warden. when you get your dog he will be impounding it.

  3. Peter Finkelstein - April 5, 2005

    Sheriff: Thank you for your support! I only hope I deserve it!

  4. the sheriff - April 5, 2005

    warden finkelstein, you are a credit to all dog wardens. we can all rest assured that you will patrol this and all blogs vigilantly. we know the standard of dog we want to see featured on wibow-wow. wine blogs of the world with out whine.

  5. Peter Finkelstein - April 5, 2005

    Sheriff: Who’s the pun patrolman?

  6. the sheriff - April 5, 2005

    officer sheila do her duty.

  7. Dean - April 7, 2005

    I have to agree that the first day of baseball (which is actually when the REDS take the field, not that made for TV Sunday night game) should be a national holiday. It is treated that way in Cincinnati at least concerning kids and getting out of school to go to the game. I enjoyed Beer at the game but that night I had the only wine that you could possibly have when celebrating a opening day walk off homer against the Mets – A good “old vine” American Zinfandel.
    Great site

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