Let’s just Dumb it Down for them!

I went out and bought a copy of Sideways today to add to the collection. And what did I find in the box? A nice little promotion for Mondavi Coastal.

Pretty smooth marketing move if you as me.

It was just a little two sided card that had some wine trivia on it as well as descriptions of varietals. On the descriptions of varietals they describe Cabernet Sauvignon as being a "smooth" wine.  Smooth? Well, I suppose it could be a smooth wine if made to be that way. But don’t we generally expect a bit of tannins in our cab? What Mondavi is describing is a soft, dumpy, high pH version of the drink which they believe will attract drinkers to it.

I have a certain pride in the marketing efforts I put up for my clients. And I do what’s needed to help promote a brand. But I really make an effort to not dumb down wine. Then again, most of my clients aren’t going after the grocery store crowd.

Cabernet Sauvignon…Smooth!  Hmmm. A shame.

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  1. Beau - June 13, 2005

    Curious: Was there an advert for Mondavi $#%#%ing Coastal Merlot?

  2. huge - June 14, 2005

    Splitting hairs a bit, though, aren’t you? I mean, isn’t the $8 Cabernet crowd looking for something easy to drink that they DON’T have to think about?
    Personally, I’m all for dumbing down if it encourages a few more people to put down their Coor’s Light. They may/may not find their way into your clients’ tasting rooms, but somebody has to make up the base of that big pyramid we call quantity vs. quality.

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