Wineries Take a Stand in GMO Battle

What looks to be nearly the entire Sonoma County organized wine community has come out against an upcoming ballot initiative here that would ban genetically modified organisms. While I’m sure there are some grapegrowers and winemakers in the County who support the ban, this collection of winery and grapegrowers against the ban is pretty impressive.

Those organizations that have joined the fight against the ban include The Sonoma County Wineries Association, United Winegrowers of Sonoma County and the Sonoma County Grapegrowers Association.

Nick Fry, Executive Director of the Sonoma County Grapegrowers explained his opposition to the proposed ban by suggesting that there isn’t sufficient expertise in the country to oversee the ban and due to the significant liability that would come from such a ban.

It is very likely in this writer’s opinion that many more of these bans will arise in other grapegrowing areas of California. Many are watching not only how this battle is resolved but how it plays out.


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