The Secret Recipe For Making Cult Wine Revealed

I can’t believe someone published this. It was suppose to be a big secret! But the LA Times let the cat out of the bag: They published the recipe for making a cult wine.

They got it right, too. I could add a few items but this recipe, along with a few million dollar will in fact get you your very own California Cult Cabernet:

•  Build your own high-tech winery, using no pumps, only gravity.

•  Burrow into the side of a hillside to create caves.

•  Hire Heidi Peterson Barrett or Phillip Melka as winemaker.

•  Claim extraordinary characteristics for your soils.

•  Plant vines so close together that they "struggle."

•  Harvest only perfect grapes and sort twice to make sure

•  Harvest as late as your nerves will allow.

•  Ferment your wine in micro lots.

•  Sell less than 1,000 cases of wine per vintage.

•  Charge more than $100 a bottle for the first vintage.

•  Offer the wines for sale only through mailing lists and at ritzy restaurants.

•  Pretend you’ve never marketed your wine.

They did forget one thing. You really do need to have a huge review from Robert Parker (94 or above) or from the Wine Spectator (96 or above) in order to have more than a Big CA Cab with a cave to store it in.

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  1. Fredric Koeppel - June 23, 2005

    wonder why they didn’t mention mega wine consultant Michel Rolland. is he persona non grata now after his dismal performance in “Mondovino?”

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