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If you believe in the idea of a community-based economy in food, in farmers markets, in finding a way to help support this important source of hand grown foods, then you need to take a quick glance at Adam Mahler’s post at Untangled Vine in which he reports on the move among some Representatives in Washington D.C. to help the Farmer’s Market Movement.

Adam has the background on the bill and it appears he’ll be delivering more information in the form of interviews with the Representative that has introduced the bill.

What can be done to help encourage the development of more farmers markets as well as the success of those that currently exist is important to know. They represent a critical outlet for the few remaining, but growing, corps of devoted people who want to deliver fresh, unique, organic foods to the American table.

Here in Sonoma Valley and in Sonoma County as a whole we are very lucky. We have a wonderful network of farmers markets that take place nearly year round and in just about ever city in the country. In the Town of Sonoma alone we have two per week. The beauty of these events is not just in the remarkable produce and products that one has access to. It is a community event where you get to see your neighbors outside the context of a "drive by hello".

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  1. mark storer - February 27, 2006

    I linked to this post from my own post on the matter. I think there is a lot to respect in this bill and I support its passage. This, from a center-right moderate/conservative. We foodies come in all shapes and sizes….

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