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Jun 19, 2006

Why Farmers Pray

Lest we forget that the wine industry is an agricultural industry, given to the whims of Mother Nature, the is now the 2006 Port vintage to consider. Apparently a storm that rushed through Portugal last Wednesday did extensive damage to what would have been the Port wine vineyards in that country. Initial reports had the loss in the neighborhood of 80% of the vines due to severe hail. Today the estimates of the loss and damage was said to be…

Feb 27, 2006

Follow your conviction…in wine AND FOOD.

If you believe in the idea of a community-based economy in food, in farmers markets, in finding a way to help support this important source of hand grown foods, then you need to take a quick glance at Adam Mahler’s post at Untangled Vine in which he reports on the move among some Representatives in Washington D.C. to help the Farmer’s Market Movement. Adam has the background on the bill and it appears he’ll be delivering more information in the…