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Apr 26, 2006

Florida: The Whorehouse of Wine Laws

$1,400,000. This is the price that Florida legislators are willing to take in order to allow wine wholesalers in that state to bend over and have at Florida’s wine lovers. Over the past five years, the Florida alcohol wholesalers have contributed more than $1.4 Million to Florida legislators. What does that buy? Besides politicians, it purchases a restriction that will prevent Florida consumers from purchasing wines directly from some of America’s largest wineries. If you ask me, that a piss…

Mar 24, 2006

The Theater of the Bland

I’m a father. So, believe me when I tell you that I really do have concern for the welfare of my kids, and with the ability for all kids  to interact with our culture and society safely. However, I can’t help but think that our nation’s obsession with "demon rum" too often goes over the line and just looks dumb. In Boise, Idaho there is a movie theater that is very unique. For a long time it has offered it’s…

Mar 3, 2006

Illinois Wine Controversy Settled

The most controversial political issue in Illinois over the past few months has apparently come to an end with a compromise struck between Illinois 63 wineries and the states’ wine and beer wholesalers. The upshot of the compromise is wineries in Illinois and across the country will have the right, after payng for a license, to ship up to 12 cases per year to an individual, while Illinois wineries have lost their right to sell direct to retailers and restaurateurs….

Feb 27, 2006

Follow your conviction…in wine AND FOOD.

If you believe in the idea of a community-based economy in food, in farmers markets, in finding a way to help support this important source of hand grown foods, then you need to take a quick glance at Adam Mahler’s post at Untangled Vine in which he reports on the move among some Representatives in Washington D.C. to help the Farmer’s Market Movement. Adam has the background on the bill and it appears he’ll be delivering more information in the…

Feb 20, 2006

Wine Wholesaslers: “Everyone’s Incompetent But Us”

It struck me as I was reading a news report of the dire situation Arizona wineries find themselves in (thanks to wine middlemen) that the wine wholesalers who want to convince legislators to stop all forms of direct shipment and direct sales by wineries are making a very unique argument: "EVERYONE IS INCOMPETENT BUT US WHOLESALERS!" In Arizona the wholesalers are pushing a bill that would forbid Arizona wineries from selling direct to consumers and selling direct to retailers. Arizona…