A, +15, **** = YUMMY WINE

I like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur of wine ratings and reviews. I’ve been observing them fairly closely now for almost two decades. And, I’ve been using them to help sell wine for clients.

So, I’m always interested when I see a new rating system come before me, particularly one that offers added context to the wine.

The Good Taste Report is a blog I came across recently. Its owner is out of Texas and tastes a good deal of wine. What’s interesting about his rating system is the symbolism he used to convey a variety of information:

THE CHARACTER GRADE: A to F grade for the quality of the wine’s character

MARKET VALUE GRADE: A number greater than or less than the price of the wine indicating what the wine is worth on a price/quality determination

THE STAR-BUY GRADE: 1 to 5 Stars Indicating how important it is to buy this wine

I’m particularly enamored with the "Market Value Grade". Other professional reviewers have attempted to indicate the value of a wine either by simply stating it is a "Best Buy" or "Good Value" or by applying a 100 point score to the wine’s value. But this system gets nice and specific telling me that the wine in question is either $15 too expensive or $15 under-priced.

So, a wine rating from the Good Taste Report might look like this:

2003 FERMENTATION Pinot Noir
A, +20, *****
Meaning: A wine of awesome character priced $20 below its true market value that should be purchased at all costs.


2003 FERMENTATION Cabernet Sauvignon
C, -10, ***
Meaning: This is over-priced, barely drinkable wine that should probably be ignored when spied on a store shelf unless there is nothing else on the shelf.

By the way, the Good Taste Report Blog is really quite good. Heavy on the ratings, as you might imagine, but filled with thoughtful commentary as well.

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