A New Network of Wine Bloggers


I’m very happy to announce my latest foray into the world of on-line communications and blogging. But more to the point, I’m proud to be a part of the new WELL FED FOOD NETWORK, a food and drink blog network that includes a number of new blogs including, Wine Sediments.

While a number of food and drink blogs make up this network, you can read all the stories posted to all the different blogs at its primary blog site, WellFed.Net. Or, if you are only interested in Wine Sediments or any of the other associated blogs you can bookmark or subscribe via RSS to those sites.

Editing and contributing to Wine Sediments on WellFed is Mark Fisher, long time journalist at the Dayton Daily News as well as host of the blog, Uncorked. Mark and I are joined by a few other wine bloggers in this endeavor including:

Andrew Barrow of Spitton
David Brookes of Vinosense
Jamie Gabrini of The Wine Chicks
Lenn Thompson of LennDevours

What you’ll find on Wine Sediments are original stories and posts from all the contributors, not re-runs from our own blogs. It’s going to be an interesting experiment in collaborative blogging. My hope is that you’ll find an intriguing collection of news, stories, articles and commentary…on wine.

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  1. Jay - March 7, 2006

    Yay! We rock!

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