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Apr 28, 2006

The Wine Lover’s Media Feast

It should be clear to anyone who has paid close attention to the wine media over the past decade that the amount of good, entertaining and useful information available to consumers and the trade has exploded in quantity. Interestingly, it is on the Internet, not the print media, where the vast majority of that exploding information is coming from. This makes the evolution of the wine media different in no way from the rest of the media. There is a…

Apr 19, 2006

A New Insider’s Guide To California Wine

Ambition is the mother of success. But ambition, combined with experience, is the mother AND father of success. Ambition and experience are the watch words that underlie a new website devoted to covering the world of California wine. California Wine Web is the child of Jim Gordon. Gordon has been working the journalistic fields of the California wine industry for a very long time. His new website appears to be the culmination of this experience and a particular ambition to…

Mar 9, 2006

NY Wine Blogger To Help Define Terroir

I’ve mentioned this organization a number of times because I think it might be doing the most beneficial wine reporting in America right now. Appellation America is on a quest to define terroir has on the character of wines in various spots across America and Canada. This kind of work hasn’t really been done before except in private tastings and in anecdotal references. While I personally think terroir is much more than the soil and climate, I also believe that…

Mar 7, 2006

A New Network of Wine Bloggers

I’m very happy to announce my latest foray into the world of on-line communications and blogging. But more to the point, I’m proud to be a part of the new WELL FED FOOD NETWORK, a food and drink blog network that includes a number of new blogs including, Wine Sediments. While a number of food and drink blogs make up this network, you can read all the stories posted to all the different blogs at its primary blog site, WellFed.Net….

Mar 6, 2006

The Language of Corruption

Wine wholesalers talk a different language from you and I that needs translating. And they’ve been doing a lot of talking recently. In states across the country, the wholesalers have realized that it’s unconstitutional to allow in-state wineries to sell direct to retailers and restaurant, but not allow out of state wineries to do so. So, they started to try to strip this privilege from small wineries to prevent out of state (read: California) wineries from legally bypassing them. In…