NY Wine Blogger To Help Define Terroir


I’ve mentioned this organization a number of times because I think it might be doing the most beneficial wine reporting in America right now. Appellation America is on a quest to define terroir has on the character of wines in various spots across America and Canada.

This kind of work hasn’t really been done before except in private tastings and in anecdotal references. While I personally think terroir is much more than the soil and climate, I also believe that this search for what is authentic about the different wine regions is critical to appreciating the diversity of the American wine industry.

So, today I was very pleased to see announced that one of the family of wine bloggers is heading up Appellation America’s work out in New York. Appellation America announced today that Lenn Thompson, proprietor and writer for LennDevours, a New York centric wine blog, will be its correspondent for the Long Island wine region in New York.

"Lenn’s a tremendously talented writer and has very strong relationships
with all the key players within the wine industry in Long Island,” said
Roger Dial, Appellation America Publisher and CEO. “Our readers are
going to benefit greatly from his knowledge, passion and unique

Indeed. Lenn is also a two-time nominee for Wine Blog of the Year as well as a contributor to the Well Fed Blog Network as well as a contributing writer for The Long Island Press and Dan’s Paper. Busy, talented guy! And perfectly suited to take on the task of bringing together Long Island’s winemakers to study the uniqueness of their wines and their terroir.

The other very cool thing is seeing a wine blogger plucked to take on this task. It says something about the respect being show the wine blogging community as well as this fairly new medium.

Congratulations, Lenn!

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  1. Lenn - March 10, 2006

    Thanks for the post and the nice words.
    I really believe in what they are trying to do and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun working with them.
    And yes, I’m proud to be the first blogger to “sign on” with them. Their roster of contributors is impressive.

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