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Mar 13, 2006

In Praise of Ideas in the Wine Blogosphere

One of the real pleasures over the past year and a half has been the now and then discovery of outstanding new voices in the wine blogosphere. While the the number of wine blogs has probably quintupled since I began blogging, the emergence of a new, astute, interesting voice is fairly rare. The Good Grape is just such wine blog. I suppose what makes a wine blog significant calls for a subjective response. My significant blog might not be yours….

Mar 9, 2006

NY Wine Blogger To Help Define Terroir

I’ve mentioned this organization a number of times because I think it might be doing the most beneficial wine reporting in America right now. Appellation America is on a quest to define terroir has on the character of wines in various spots across America and Canada. This kind of work hasn’t really been done before except in private tastings and in anecdotal references. While I personally think terroir is much more than the soil and climate, I also believe that…