In Praise of Ideas in the Wine Blogosphere

One of the real pleasures over the past year and a half has been the now and then discovery of outstanding new voices in the wine blogosphere. While the the number of wine blogs has probably quintupled since I began blogging, the emergence of a new, astute, interesting voice is fairly rare.

The Good Grape is just such wine blog.

I suppose what makes a wine blog significant calls for a subjective response. My significant blog might not be yours. Yet, there really are criteria we can all embrace:

-A Unique Voice
-Good Writing
-A willingness to be controversial
-Regular posting to the blog

The Good Grape encompasses all these criteria and more.

Begun only in January, The Good Grape takes a populist view of the wine industry and wine drinking, yet delivers an astute and thoroughly modern take on the marketing practices and consumer response to those practices. The words and thoughts are you’ll find are new. "New" in the sense that issues of transparency in business business practices, the embrace of the authentic and the impact of a "total information society" are rarely discussed inside the industry, let alone by its observers. The Good Grape Does this.

The proprietor is a Midwesterner with a marketing and technology background and not a little devotion to the drink.He’s an adherent of the "Cluetrain Philosophy". I like how his mind makes connections between Ideas that are seemingly unrelated but turn out to be intimate companions after he’s done.

More than anything, the stuff I choose to read on a regular basis needs to make me think. It needs to make think differently. As it stands right now, The Good Grape does this and more. Visit!

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  1. Iris - March 15, 2006

    Thanks for the link – I liked the article “Depardieu” about French marketing follies like 3 bandidos (I read somewhere, that it was meant to be sold in mexican and italian food places and therefore shouldn’t have a too frenchy name…) – There are lots of other examples about French companies creating new brand names for the USA export market, which try to get away from the traditional image and I found Good Grapes argument in his article very interesting as you said: it can make think differently!

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