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Apr 7, 2006

It’s Kermit Lynch, Of Course

With regard to the question of who wrote the beautiful and useful review in the previous post, of course it was Kermit Lynch, from his April 2006 newsletter. The newsletters sent by Kermit Lynch Wine Merchants are never bulky, but they are always extraordinarily readable for the simple reason that its clear each wine offered and written about in the letter is one he feels very strongly about, in one way or another. But as mentioned in the previous post,…

Apr 6, 2006

The Art of the Wine Review

I write lots and lots of descriptions of wines for clients’ back labels and marketing materials. It’s marketing writing, but still it’s usually pretty straight forward stuff, the kind of thing you see in most wine reviews. I just wish I had the ability to write about wine like this:"The fruit here is not cherries or berries. this is rustic, earthy Pinot Noir. A good Savigny can bring to mind the song "Sweet Virginia," from Exile on Main Street, the…

Apr 4, 2006

Awarding Wine Writing

The most prestigious awards in food & wine journalism are the James Beard Awards. While the amount of attention given to wine in these awards is scant, they do manage to recognize some of the most intriquing and inspired writing on the subject. The nominations for the 2006 James Beard Awards have been announced. It struck me while looking them over that 1) wine writing gets a bit of a short shrift in these awards 2) that Internet-based journalism is…

Mar 16, 2006

A Tasteless Wine Review

I was thumbing through wine magazines looking for inspiration for wording to describe a couple wines that need describing in promotional materials and I started wondering: What is it like and what mind set over takes a person who writes reviews for a living? Imagine having to write review after review after review of different wines. It can’t be easy. How many ways are there to describe a wine? Well, I came across this review in one publication and I…

Mar 7, 2006

A New Network of Wine Bloggers

I’m very happy to announce my latest foray into the world of on-line communications and blogging. But more to the point, I’m proud to be a part of the new WELL FED FOOD NETWORK, a food and drink blog network that includes a number of new blogs including, Wine Sediments. While a number of food and drink blogs make up this network, you can read all the stories posted to all the different blogs at its primary blog site, WellFed.Net….