Divorce and Wine

I know some men. and one woman, for whom losing their cellar in the course of a divorce would be worse than losing the car, house and kids. Pathetic, but true.

Jeffrey Lalloway, in his blog on divorce and family law in California, explores the trend of battling over the wine cellar in the course of a divorce. In some cases the division of the liquid assets is not a minor event, with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake.

But it strikes me that if this isn’t the case, if we are rather talking about a carefully constructed wine cellar filled with wines the person has been obsessing over for years, then we are probably not so much looking at an item that must be divided up, but rather one of the causes of the divorce.

Lalloway’s post is interesting as a cautionary tale as much as a statement of how wine has become an asset for some.

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